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Vorboils Version 2.06

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Vorboils - Download Vorboils, Version 2.06

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Vorboils is an awesome 3D screen saver. It generates beautiful, random wormholes that wobble, mutate and amaze. Vorboils is highly configurable (currently supports 258 configurable options) and can even run in interactive mode!

Vorboils can automatically generate funky wallpapers and automatically update your desktop too! Why not customize your mobile phone with a unique Vorboils generated image.

Vorboils can sync your PC time to an on-line atomic clock, accurate to 1 second in 6 million years! It can display the current time on a 3D analogue or 2D digital clock both with many wacky faces/fonts!

Vorboils can also optionally display a spinning cube (with a different image on each face) - great for advertising your business or displaying your photos.

Option to generate and automatically update desktop wallpapers!
Unleash the full power of Vorboils and let it mutate to generate an infinite number of wormholes
Option to choose your own images to display on the logo cube (supports masked images too)!
Sync the clock and your PC time to an online atomic clock (accurate to 1 second in 6 millions years)!
Loads more wacky 3D clock faces to choose from!
Enable the 2D digital clocks!
Ability to take screen shots!
Save, load, download & share your favorite themes (tunnels)!
Ability to run in interactive mode!
Beautiful lush DirectX graphics with amazing special effects!
Fully configurable - 228 configurable options!
Show real time statistics of all configuration parameters!
Supports resolutions right up to 1792x1344 in glorious 32 bit color with anti-aliasing!
Install / uninstall support!
Free updates for life!
Lifetime technical support!
Warm satisfaction that you are supporting an independent software developer!



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Dateigröße:8.00 MB
Zuletzt aktualisiert:4/2/2006
Unterstützte Betriebssysteme: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2003
Sprachen: Englisch
Entwickler:Boiled Sweets
Anzahl der Downloads (Deutsch):3
Anzahl der Downloads (Weltweit):20


Name des Entwicklers: Boiled Sweets
Anzahl der Programme von Boiled Sweets: 2

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1. RetroSphere
2. Vorboils
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